5 Cool ideas for styling your dining room

It doesn’t matter if you have a stand-alone dining room or have a table pushed into a corner of your open-plan home, a dining area is a fun-loving space built for parties. It is often is one of the most overlooked areas in our homes. I want you to have a dining area that is practical, functional and beautiful all rolled into one place for family dinners, homework and dapper dinner parties. Your dining room has the potential to be one of the most-frequented rooms in your home if you get the styling right.

Choose the right dining table

Before choosing your table you need to know what type of diner you are! For busy homes, a hardworking table with durable surface easy to clean after your  children’s meal and  can  also be styled for adult dining.
Oval or shaped table is perfect for people who love dining time conversation and it creates a social space.
Square  and  rectangle t able will give a  formal and grown up look. Long  thin  table paired with benches that can slip under when not in use saves your space.

Extra storage space

If you always run out of space while during meals, you better invest in a side table or a foldable tray where you can put your drinks and side dishes. A side board is great for storing your glasses and serving ware.

Dress your room with good rugs

Using rugs in your rooms will add more beauty to you home. Choose a rug that is big enough so that the chairs don’t caught at the edge of the rug. Variety of modern rugs is available in eye catching designs that are now easy to find in online.

Height of your chairs

Height difference between your dining table and the chair is much important thing to be considered. If you get the heights wrong it will be really uncomfortable for better dining.

Enough lighting

Dining room should be made with essential lighting, lighting over your table will be a key for great dinner party. Look for adjustable lighting so that you can pull it down lower at meal times they can create an intimate mood at night. Move it out the way when not needed.

Keep a vase of flower; use beautiful table cloth to keep your table pleasant when it is not in use.