Malappuram the fastest growing city of Kerala

Malappuram the fastest growing city of Kerala

Malappuram city of Kerala is expanding in all spheres; it is one of the favorite residential destinations in Kerala. Apart from the popularity of tourist attractions the fast infrastructure development gains everyone’s attention. Luxury apartments and villas are increasing demand of Malappuram.

Increased number of leading infrastructure and robust planning offered by the city attracts investors and homebuyers to Malappuram.

Know about future of Malappuram

Since Malappuram city is witnessing a real estate boom, buying villas in Malappuram is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Here are the things which make Malappuram the best residential spot s in Kerala.


The city has large number of highways and integration via all means of transportation networks like airways, rail and public transportation facilities offers smooth connectivity to all the hotspots of the city and even outside the city.

 Calicut, Palakkad are the major towns that are bonded to Malappuram, it is also a major trading spot for the people of Malabar.

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Infrastructure development

Malappuram city is a rich growing city in terms of infrastructure development. The growth of IT hubs, medical establishments, educational institutions, shopping malls and all other facilities in the city makes it ideal a choice of living.

Higher returns

Growing demand for lands in Malappuram ensures you a great return. If you are looking for a good place to invest for your future, Malappuram is the best choice. Moreover an elevated lifestyle is possible when there are plenty of commercial sectors to accommodate your needs.

The people

What forms the life of a city? A factor that is to be considered while deciding on a place to build your dream home in would be its people! Malappuram is renowned for its good-natured crowd with its people being eternally helpful and full of joy. Do you really need more reasons to move already!