Smart ways to save electricity in your home

Electricity bill takes a significant part of monthly savings in most of the houses.  There are lots of ways in which every individual can reduce electricity usage. It can be done easily by adopting some useful daily habits that has large role in your electricity bill. Following are some of the ways.

Reduce use of air conditioner:

 If you are using air conditioner in your home, make sure that you switched off it when outside weather is pleasant. Changing curtains based on climatic conditions can help to keep your room warm. During night switch on the AC for two hours and turn it off as your doors and windows are closed it is all enough to keep your room cool for that night.

Natural home lighting:

Think of letting natural light to enter your home, so that there will be no use of other lights during day time. Installing glass windows and doors will easily penetrate light into rooms. Use LED tubes or CFL bulbs in common areas for better energy savings.

Unplug all devices:

Some home appliances consume energy even when they are off which are called standby power. So when you switch of them try to unplug from its power outlet to save electricity.

Smart washing habits:

Many people have the habit of using washing machine with only half loaded clothes. It is better to wait till you have a full load to wash. If you have spaces to hang your clothes, skip the drier and let it dry in sunlight. Use dish washer only if it is necessary and fully loaded.

In your kitchen:

Kitchen is the main place where you can simply increase or decrease your electricity bill. Use microwaves instead of electric oven as it consumes less energy than electric ovens. When using electric stoves, use lids to cover the top of cooking vessel, which will reduce cooking time and also electricity.

Refrigerator power:

Avoid opening the fridge door frequently to optimize the cooling inside. During winter set in minimum cooling to save more energy. Never place it near to heating sources. Keep it half feet away from the wall to allow continuous airflow.